Friday, 10 October 2014


Director: Casey La Scala
Cast: Johnny Pacar , Shaun Sipos , Alexa Vega , Bryan Dechart , Italia Ricci , Liz Morgan
Plot: A supernatural thriller that addresses questions of life, love and belief against an apocalyptic backdrop. A group of close friends gather for a wedding, but the celebration is shattered by a series of cataclysmic events and enemies foretold by biblical end-times prophecies. The survivors face a horrifying, uncertain future as they scramble for safety, but as their world collapses around them in chaos and terror will they choose real life through faith, or just try to survive?


My Movie Review: The movie is confusing, you don't know who's the lead character until you reach towards the end. The start is surprisingly good, nice calm vibe becomes an adrenaline rush when everything happened so fast that's nice. Towards the middle part it's slowly turns into draggy story and pointless but I don't regret watching it cause it's fun.
My Favorite Term: Apocalypse

Apocalypse is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the mass of humankind. In English, the word apocalypse now commonly refers to the end of the world. The current meaning may be an ellipsis of the phrase apokalupsis eschaton (apocalyptic eschatology), meaning "revelation of knowledge of the end of time".


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