Saturday, 1 July 2017


Director: Seth Gordon
Cast: Dwayne Johnson , Zac Efron , Priyanka Chopra , Amin Joseph , Hannibal Buress , Alexandra Daddario , Kelly Rohrbach , Ilfenesh Hadera , Jon Bass , Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Plot: A very serious lifeguard who is focused on the job is teamed up with a young-hothead. They must cooperate to protect their beach from any form of harm, especially an oil tycoon who is responsible for the oil spill.

My Movie Review: The movie is hilarious despite of the mishap happening as it played along!! Baywatch is a big-screen revival of the TV lifeguards show supposed to be iconic but this one take a different turn that doesn't make sense. Priyanka Chopra is blown apart with a firework is not realistic and too much exposure with flesh in the dead man body to the point it's disgusting! It still bring the summer vibe but not what I expected Jon Bass (Ronnie) was the breakout star!! Kelly Rohrbach lived up the Pam Anderson role while the actors not mention didn't done much.
My Favorite Lines: "Welcome to Baywatch. Our team is the elite of the elite. We’re the heart and soul of this very beach. We protect when other people don’t want to protect, and we go above and beyond." "Our team is the heart and soul of this very beach. Protect the bay at all costs." "If you want me, you can have me." "What is it that you think we do here? Prevent people from getting sun burnt and occasionally stop them from drowning." "We’re going to have to do what Baywatch does best. The truth one of you will probably die. Yeah. What? No." "This is the guy you think is a good PR opportunity for us. He’s reckless. With two gold medals. How many gold medals do you have probably zero." "Look get it you’re big sasquatch I’m fast."

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