Friday, 29 December 2017


My Personal Experience: I went to Tha Maharaj Mall this year August 28, 2017, together with my sister. We went there to drop off to the river tour and plan visit one of the popular attraction. The Grand Palace was closed once we arrived luckily the mall have different attractions where we strike a pose outside with some interesting characters and Instagram worthy site around it:)

Tha Maharaj Mall
Tha Maharaj is one of only a handful of shopping malls located in Bangkok’s historic Old City. Walking distance from many of the capital’s most famous sights such as Wat Pho and Tha Maharaj benefits from an idyllic riverside location, with a good lineup of cafes, restaurants and bars taking advantage of the handsome views across the water. It has its very own pier arriving by boat is the most popular way to reach the mall, although if you're on a sightseeing trip, and Tha Maharaj Mall is simple to reach on foot around 10 minutes away from The Grand Palace!!!

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