Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Director: Mike White
Cast: Ben Stiller , Austin Abrams , Jenna Fischer , Michael Sheen , Mike White , Luke Wilson , Shazi Raja , Jemaine Clement , Luisa Lee , Jimmy Kimmel , Xavier Grobet , Adam Capriolo
Plot: While taking his son Troy on a college tour on the East Coast, an inner crisis is triggered in Brad. He has a satisfying career and a comfortable life in Sacramento with his wife Melanie and their son, it is not what he had pictured for his future during his glorious college days. Throughout the tour, Brad can't help to compare his life with his four other college friends that he stumbles on Hollywood big shot, hedge fund founder, tech entrepreneur and bestselling author. He imagines their glamorous lives, he ponders if this is all that he will ever amount too?

My Movie Review: The movie is a reality check giving you harsh truth about life comparisons!! Brad Status is a social satire taking us to a journey about a middle-aged man having a mid-life crisis helping his son to find college school as he unravels about self worth if he done enough? Anyone can relate to Brad when your classmates have better life than you or better job status! At the end of the day it's about you do find purpose don't compare instead care friends matter:) Ben Stiller is good actor he makes you feel his anxiety as if it's real make us question our own but the end is bittersweet no resolution wish for better one leaving the cinema shock! and sad:(
My Favorite Lines: "At night my mind drifted back to college many friends who have become successful. Craig Fisher worked for the White House. Jason Hatfield had his own hedge fund. Billy Wearslter sold his tech company at 40. What I have? I work for a non-profit and nothing to show for it." "Suddenly my thoughts darkened, Troy could be easily end up struggling like me." "Sometimes I worry that people think of me as a failure. Everybody's just thinking about themselves. The only person that’s thinking about you is me." "Is it crazy that we made this kid and his really amazing person?" "My son is a very talented musician composes his own music. I’m pretty sure Harvard is going to be in the running. Ooh, you think!! Harvard’s got a chance?"

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