Sunday, 12 November 2017


Director: Antonio Negret
Cast: Scott Eastwood , Ana de Armas , Freddie Thorp , Gaia Weiss , Frédéric Anscombre , Clemens Schick , Simon Abkarian , Moussa Maaskri , Philippe Ohrel , Affif Ben Badra
Plot: Andrew and Garrett Foster, brothers and car thieves who specialise in luxury cars, journey to south France for new opportunities. They are hired to steal a beautiful Bugatti 1937, but they get caught. The owner of the Bugatti and local crime boss, Jacomo Morier, wants the brothers to steal a car from his arch-rival, Max Klemp, in exchange for their lives. But it`s not just any car they have to steal. Morier wants Klemp's most prized car, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

My Movie Review: The movie is average car heist thriller with lot of chasing that fun to watch!! Overdrive is a easy ride about two thief brothers who like to drive fast and love luxury cars that got involve with a mobster to steal the prize possession of the crime boss rival with some help!! Love the night parties and their making out I'll find it appealing I wish I can live that life one day. It may look small scale entertainment for some but it's just enough for me I like little adventures my kind of fun and everything nice to mention two beautiful ladies that add spark in the scenes. Scott Eastwood leads the cast in the high octane film set in ravishing location spots in Europe:)

More Description: Two-half brothers specialize in nabbing rare sports cars to order, tangle with ruthless Marseilles-based crime lord in this French-made English-language action thriller. Attractive young cast, wise-cracking dialogue and high-speed driving can make for a lucrative box-office combination, as the Fast and Furious franchise amply demonstrates, but this also-ran affair struggles to achieve the same winning combination with a clunky script, a marked shortage of adrenaline and decidedly wooden performers. All of which sets us up for much dreary exposition, sundry sunny Riviera locations and a roster of classic cars from Jaguar, Porsche or Ferrari, which display a good deal more charisma than anything else on big screen.

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