Friday, 2 June 2017


My Personal Experience: I went to Greenbelt 1/3/5 last year February 9, 2016, together with my sister. We went there to spend a day with each other after along time not seeing in four months. We took photos outside Greenbelt 5, check out snacks and window shop at Greenbelt 3 while end up watching movie at Greenbelt 1- Pride & Prejudice & Zombies!!

Greenbelt 1/3/5
Sitting on an expansive and prime area squared by Makati Avenue, Paseo de Roxas, Arnaiz Road and Legazpi Street is the Greenbelt Mall, a complex of five contemporary buildings. What is truly unique about this mall is that each section (Greenbelt 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) has its own style of architecture and features. Greenbelt 1 has its own cinema and more concentrated on electronics and home appliances. Greenbelt 3 has high- end retail shops and coffee shops on the ground floor and cinema on the upper floor. Greenbelt 5 main feature are shops of Top Caliber Filipino designers but there are imported high end shops.

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