Sunday, 13 August 2017


Director: Matt Reeves
Cast: Andy Serkis , Woody Harrelson , Amiah Miller , Karin Konoval , Judy Greer , Ty Olsson , Chad Rook , Steve Zahn , Gabriel Chavarria , Sara Canning , Alessandro Juliani , Terry Notary
Plot: Maurice tells the story of Caesar at his prime to a class of ape and human children. He tells of how Caesar protects and leads the apes against the military soldiers. Also, how Caesar investigates what caused the 113 spread with Malcolm, Alexander and Ellie's help.

My Movie Review: The movie is strong and captivating you'll think like an ape in that moment. War For The Planet Of The Apes is well-assembled masterpiece the culmination of the events that started with Caesar in Rise to the Dawn and see how did it get from here it's just amazing. Each frame and sequence is very carefully thought out and visually the best among the others. Make us think why we are afraid to be replace by apes if they could be better species than us? Totally worth to see it's intense and intelligent riveting story make you change your perspective. Woody Harrelson was stand-out as face of the villain but turn the wheel around at the last part.
My Favorite Character: Colonel McCullough

The Colonel is first heard after his soldier, Preacher, tells him that he is unable to stop all the apes after an attack goes awry. The Colonel later comes to the ape village himself, emerging from a waterfall with several other soldiers. While his fellow soldiers are killed, the Colonel succeeds in killing Cornelia and Blue-Eyes. The Colonel and his army is dispatched by the military base to hunt down. Colonel McCullough is an iron-fisted soldier obsessed with wiping out Caesar and his colony of apes to preserves people role in society as the dominant species.


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