Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Director: Ava DuVernay
Cast: Oprah Winfrey , Reese Witherspoon , Mindy Kaling , Storm Reid , Zach Galifianakis , Chris Pine , Levi Miller , Deric McCabe , Michael Peña , Gugu Mbatha-Raw , André Holland
Plot: Meg Murry and her little brother, Charles Wallace, have been without their scientist father, Mr. Murry, for five years, ever since he discovered a new planet and used the concept known as a tesseract to travel there. Joined by Meg's classmate Calvin O'Keefe and guided by the three mysterious astral travelers known as Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which, the children wit brave a dangerous journey to a planet that possesses all of the evil in the universe.

My Movie Review: The movie is childish and immature the promise of great visual may fool you but don't get lost in the glitter cause this don't deserve your precious time. A Wrinkle In Time is a mess you grew a wrinkle watching it and you regret choosing this over the other films such a waste of money and effort. The movie is non-sense I can't believe its Disney and have star-studded cast which talent wasted for the wrong exsiqution. This film trick us it seems good in the trailer but it's not hides a weird villain and really bad taste of style. I think Mindy Kaling is kinda annoying and even hate Storm Reid and Deric McCabe for too much exposure to the point their in your face felt force. I wish to have more sighting for Chris Pine and Michael Peña!

Movie News: A Wrinkle In Time is a book about Meg Murry and the quest to find her father. The tale almost never saw the light of day. Unlike L’Engle’s previous novels, this one puzzled publishers. Some rejected it because they believed its themes too challenging for young readers. Some objected to its portrayal of evil, and still others wouldn’t bet on a female sci-fi protagonist. All told, it met with some 26 rejections before Farrar, Straus and Giroux took a chance. The book, the first in what would come to be known as the Time Quintet series, hasn’t gone out of print. 50th anniversary in 2012 Wrinkle sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Source: http://time.com/wrinkle-in-time/

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