Sunday, 27 May 2018


My Personal Experience: I went to Somerset MRT to have city tour this year April 21, 2018, together with my sister. We went there to explore the streets and to capture the people around. Somerset is one of my favorite part of the city- it's easy to find hangout spot and cool stuff into all gateway of the long shopping haven and home of skating community and few graffiti artists:)

Somerset City Tour
Somerset MRT Station (NS23) is an underground station along the North South Line (NSL). The station is named after Somerset Road, along with nearby roads such as Exeter, Oxley, Killiney, Dublin, Devonshire, were named after English cities. Somerset station now serves the Orchard Road shopping belt, bringing rail connections to the retail and entertainment area with many shopping centres, big hotels, office buildings, upscale condominium and private houses!!

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