Sunday, 24 June 2018


Director: Drew Pearce
Cast: Jodie Foster , Sofia Boutella , Dave Bautista , Sterling K. Brown , Brian Tyree Henry , Jenny Slate , Charlie Day , Jeff Goldblum , Zachary Quinto , Kenneth Choi , Father John Misty
Plot: The Nurse is the manager of Hotel Artemis, an exclusive members-only hospital that treats wounded criminals. With the help of her assistant, she takes care of all the criminals registered to her hotel until they are all patched up and ready to go. One night, a legendary crime boss seeks help from The Nurse in her hospital which results into a violent clash with the other criminals. Now, the safest place for criminals has become the most dangerous into world.

My Movie Review: The movie is full of aspirations love the create world until it ran out supply:( Hotel Artemis comes out as exclusive for members only so it felt such privilege to check-in and enter the secret facility for criminals as soon the intensity builds it was shutdown such boomer!! Charlie Day is the big surprise his role was mysterious and unexpected at the same time kept his fun silly personality intact this is such a departure for him but carry the swag very effective:) Sterling K. Brown is a fresh face in the big screen this man fit the bill to be the next action hero but his physicality was not into used as he got wounded let the lady in red do most of the work. The last act was not in my favor don't want to check-out wish to see the next hotel his heading.

More Description: In 2028, a big riot is spreading in Los Angeles. The privatization of water companies has led to a violent revolt and crime is on the up, need for Hotel Artemis. There's guests: Acapulco (Charlie Day), obnoxious arms dealer, Nice (Sofia Boutella), glamorous lethal assassin and brothers Waikiki (Sterling K Brown) and Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry), on the lam after a bank heist gone wrong. As tensions in the group reach boiling point, they’re joined by two surprise visitors guaranteed to make things even worse: a figure from the Nurse’s past (Jenny Slate) and then the city’s biggest crime boss (Jeff Goldblum). As the riot edges closer too, the ragtag group begin to test the Nurse’s No 1 rule: guests should never kill other guests!!


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