Sunday, 20 July 2014


My Personal Experience: I went to Piedra Negra last year July 27, 2013, together with my sister and her boyfiend. We went there in search of a Mexican Restaurant and we know we found when saw the place. This restaurant is cool, from its colourful wall with art d├ęcor to its beefy nachos, cheesy burittos and tasty tortilla, somehow felt where in Mexico.

Piedra Negra
It looks like skimpy nachos and overstuffed burittos are finally being nudged from their undeserved pre-eminence. BluJaz's Latin offshoot has been set up in a red shop-house right around the corner. Similar to its mothership, live DJs are attracting busting crowds but it's the cocktail-friendly Mexican grub that will keep us coming back.

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