Thursday, 5 April 2018


My Personal Experience: I went to Army Navy Burger + Burrito Home this year April 3, 2018, together with my best friend. We went there to go out after being stuck in my house in few days when the malls got closed for the Lenten Season. It's my first time eat in Army Navy despite so many encounters end up choosing other but this time got to taste the breakfast burrito my way!

Army Navy Burger + Burrito
Each restaurant’s architectural design takes inspiration from military Quonset Huts commonly described as “lightweight prefabricated structures of corrugated galvanized iron having a semicircular cross section”. Developed during World War I, it served a variety of purposes from housing a platoon’s barracks to providing temporary detachment facilities for the military. Army Navy Burger Inc. is a food service company pioneered in the Philippines which specializes in a unique burger + burrito concept. References rooted in the military denote culture of discipline, command, service, freedom and honor. Army Navy envisions to be the leading burger + burrito food service retailer providing customers with great dining experience one next visit at a time!!!

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