Monday, 2 April 2018


Director: Anders Walter
Cast: Zoe Saldana , Madison Wolfe , Imogen Poots , Sydney Wade , Ciara O'Callaghan , Jennifer Ehle , Noah Clarke , Rory Jackson , Aideen Wylde , Amanda Stuart , JM Ken Niimura 
Plot: An oddball girl named Barbara Thorson regularly brings a Norse warhammer to her middle school, and has a detailed imaginary life in which she is a skilled giant killer. However, her flights of fantasy might be an attempt to cope with troubles at home. Young Barbara escapes the realities of life by retreating into a fantasy world to fight evil giants. With help from a new friend and a school counselor, Barbara soon learns to face her fears and battle the giants that pose a threat to her.

My Movie Review: The movie is mischievous you may not get the message until reality kicks!! I Kill Giants is strange in wonderland the movie starts cute with a little bit danger like getting to untamed forest or fairy dust playroom sort of fun but odd things happen you don't understand?! A Monster Calls in a girl version this film is all about with similarities in grieving their mother sickness and lost that both child face a imaginary powerful giant to overcome painful struggle:( Madison Wolfe is fresh young talent who plays a brat that make wearing bunny ears comfy and cool in each scene while other act like Zoe Saldana and Imogen Poots fade in the background. I hate to say this but I don't like it in totality it lacks something action and fantasy in the ending:(
My Favorite Lines: "What are you doing? What’s it for? There’s some serious stuff going down. I find giants, I hunt giants, I kill giants. Cool. Yeah, that’s it. Dark omens are totally cool." "A giant comes to the place and takes everything from you, and when it’s done it’s like anything that made your life good was never even there." "Giants aren’t real. Then why are you sweating?" "I know that no one likes me. I know that everything I do looks crazy." "There are times when you have to ask yourself, Do I want to live my life as a coward or a warrior?" "Gift of new, gift of old bless the righteousness guide my hand against the darkness my final stand." "This isn’t real! You’re not listening to me! this giant is coming!" "We’re going to save this town."

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