Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Director: Gore Verbinski
Cast: Dane DeHaan , Jason Isaacs , Mia Goth , Ivo Nandi , Celia Imrie , Adrian Schiller
Plot: A man travels to the Swiss Alps to pick up his boss from a therapeutic institute. But when he arrives, he finds out that the boss has vanished. Things get worse when he realises he is trapped at the facility that may disguise itself as a wellness spa serving the health needs of its patients but in reality, has a more sinister purpose.

My Movie Review: The movie is a high-altitude horror mystery that creeps in a good way. A Cure For Wellness is an extravagant film too mesmerising on the view and too bizarre on the story. One of the best thing I saw in years making it one of my top 5 film of all time!! Everything about it stellar I love each scenes that shows a different kinds and level of fear. Dane DeHaan is someone to watch for his so good in putting himself in a bad place and that's weirdly impressive! This gothic cult-like psychological thriller unfolds like maze turn into impossible to escape!! Gore Verbinski best work keep you guessing until the last shot.

More Description: The "spa concept" is Volmer’s means of not repeating his Baron-era mistakes. Instead of drawing attention by kidnapping people, he’s taking advantage of the existential angst of 21st Century titans of capitalism in order to keep them guzzling (and swimming, bathing, showering and lord knows what else in) the aquifer’s "miracle water" and becoming vitamin-factories willingly as part of the “treatment” they’ve been gaslit into believing they require. Volmer’s mad quest to "cure" his inability at the expense of his victims. The final message of A Cure For Wellness will appear to be: get a second opinion.


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