Monday, 10 April 2017


My Personal Experience: I went to Amazing Yexel's Museum this year February 11, 2017, together with my best friends from college. We went there to explore the museum and see the toy collection that is buzz the social media. Yexel's Museum attract the group tours in school and the child at heart who likes posting pics online and document their adventures.

Amazing Yexel's Museum
What once was just a collection of toys (be it a crazy intense world class collection), has now turned into a full fledged museum!  The Yexel Toy Museum just opened at Manila Ocean Park and to help celebrate the opening are the top cosplayers. Yexel Sebastian started his toy collection when he was 7 years old by collecting small toys from fastfood outlets. Yexel aim for his toy museum is to inspire the Filipino youth to follow their dreams!!

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