Saturday, 4 August 2018


Director: Corey William Large
Cast: Jesse Metcalfe , Timothy V. Murphy , Alexia Fast , Cinta Laura Kiehl , Veronica Dunne
Plot: The Ninth Passenger follows a spontaneous midnight sea voyage by a group of partying college students. There eight people aboard the luxury yacht, owned by an evil biotechnology CEO who's the father of one of the passengers. Another on board is a mechanic who's quickly embroiled in a trip entails motive. The trip goes sideways when they drift to a dark island and both the engine and radio fail. At same time someone sneak to the yacht - the ninth passenger.

My Movie Review: The movie is nail-biting thriller that goes wrong in every way its quite right:) The Ninth Passenger is about group of young people aboard in a luxury yacht that goes into unplanned sea voyage in the middle of the night were they found mystery creature that kill all?! This movie feels chill in the first half enjoy this kind of cool night out vibe it brings like attractive people try to explore each other with mechanic that investigate just find proof of illegal activity:) I guess love cheap thrill the mystery it convey harm- the things you don't know might save your ass in the end better to be cautious in what your getting into- don't be curious in time of danger. The last part cut in the fast track seem everyone was killed instantly can't see what's the rush?!

More Description: Some of the crew go to the island looking for help but instead find that it is home to a vicious creature. Just a few make it back to the yacht only to discover grisly havoc. In the end two are left when rescue boat comes, we discover that the mechanic was working for a rival company the whole time. But instead of getting paid he and other passenger are left for dead, drifting alone in the vast ocean until something breaks the surface heading straight for them. The mystery of the trailer is that we don’t catch a single glimpse of the monster which is a mutant creature. 308 Enterprises share such teaser the first trailer of The Ninth Passenger.


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